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Monroe Publications is using the 75th anniversary of one of the most significant and tragic days in American history to kick off a new visually oriented series of publications. In doing so, Monroe is presenting new and existing written works to not only review the events surrounding this unprecedented attack but also to identify its legacy in American culture today.

Pearl Harbor and The Day of Infamy hopes to broaden the reach of this message by telling the story in a comic book. Although the style will be familiar to younger readers and comic enthusiasts everywhere, the storyline of the actual history is an approach seldom seen in the medium. Pearl Harbor and The Day of Infamy brings World War II history to the comic book form for the first time in any kind of commercial form.

This is not a one-time endeavor. Through its imprint, World War II Comix, Monroe plans to produce a series of these comic books on other aspects of the war including the battles of Midway, Guadalcanal, Anzio, D-Day and other topics including the Home Front, Women in the War Effort and the founding of the United Nations. There is also a serialization of a novel of the World War II period which continues in every new issue.